Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform

ContextTM is an intelligence platform to accelerate analysis, prevention, and investigation workflows. Lightning-fast search and data science serve analysts, investigators, SOC/DFIR teams, Risk management, and C-level security executives.

Intelligence Cycle

The platform is based on a process called Intelligence Cycle used by government agencies and industry experts, as follows:


Information gathering from users is done on this step. Based on user input, the platform will prioritize relevant sources and formulate logic to provide the most relevant and adequate results.


The platform sources data from a variety of public and private sources, based on the criteria and logic formulated in planning step.


Vast amount of data that were gathered are processed in a format that is suitable for the production of intelligence, and can be readily used by intelligence analyst.

Analysis and Production

Intelligence that was produced by the platform has to be objective, timely, and accurate


Final form of the intelligence is disseminated to end users in a usable form, with actionable insights.


Our platform allows feedback from users whether their requirements are met and the intelligence provided are useful. This is used to train the ML engine based on user input.
Use Cases
  • Anti-piracy
  • Investigations
  • Security Intelligence
  • Data Breach Intelligence
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Fraud and Risk Intelligence
  • Digital Risk Monitoring
  • Brand Protection

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