Real-world DDoS Simulation

Controlled and Realistic Simulated DDoS attack to test the resiliency of your critical infrastructure and effectiveness of your mitigation tools

The Cyber Readiness Platform (CRP) is developed using advanced botnet simulation that can intelligently generate controlled and simulated DDoS attacks to assess how different systems detect and prevent against such intrusions. With the CRP capabilities and reporting analytics, you can avoid the unknowns of working with limited real-world experience of different DDoS attacks.

Multitute of Attack Vectors

Ability to simulate unique DDoS attacks of varying degrees and types on IPv4, IPv6, HTTP, HTTPS and more for real-world scenarios.

Optimise your Mitigation Solution

Determine the effectiveness of your current mitigation strategy by proactively identify limitations and configuration errors at each level.

Multiple Layer Testing

Our Cyber Readiness Platform can test each level of your mitigation technology. Assess Environment Impact of your IT operations at configurable levels of the severity and sophistication of the Cyber Readiness Platform.

Consistent Starting Point

Determining the efficacy of any changes by applying the same test repeatedly, instead of relying a chance real world encounter.

Data Driven Decision Making Model

Allowing you to make the best possible decision with the budget spending on mitigation.

DDoS Protection

Multi-layered DDoS Protection capable of mitigating any type of attack on any website. Multiple scrubbing nodes in New York, Los Angeles, London, Singapore, Vancouver, and Hong Kong. Read More

Cyber Threat Intelligence

We have developed much of our data from variety of feeds or enriched feeds, which are augmented with this proprietary data. With our web crawlers and data aggregation technology along with our operative team, we leverage to source compromised data and credentials. Read More

Website High Availability Monitoring

Our Monitoring System delivers certainty and assurance in ensuring that your critical websites are constantly being monitored by our security experts 24/7/365. It is made up of 8 sensors strategically located throughout the world for optimal effectiveness. It is designed to measure the performance of all our customers’ sites as viewed from these 4 locations. Read More

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