The pandemic caused a shift to remote work, increasing enterprises' attack surface and exposing them to various risks. Insider threats are willfully malicious or accidental employee behaviors that jeopardize an employer’s digital, physical, human, vendor, or brand assets. Cybersecurity policy research center Ponemon Institute reported that insider threat incidents have risen 44% over the last two years.

Our Insider Threat Protection and Monitoring platform can detect compromised accounts, monitor all activity in real-time, and recording sessions before and after incidents. The platform offers advanced content based DLP and user behavior analytics, allowing firms to rapidly disrupt suspected malicious or high-risk user behavior.

Stealth Software Client

Our monitoring software operates stealthily in the background of all applications displayed by employee-facing activity monitors and third-party applications.

Universal Interoperability and Rapid Deployment

The monitoring tool is interoperable across the full-spectrum of cloud-based enterprise IT systems. The application deploys rapidly, enabling frictionless installation and operationalization.

Active Detection

The tool detects insider threat by session logging, key stroke recording, the documentation of all user-generated text, system activity logging, computer vision, audio logging, and the recognition of anomalies in credentialed user behavior.

Continuous Access Management

User access is managed according to internally established network rules permissioned for employees by the enterprise.

Rapid Incident Response

The tool allows users to rapidly disrupt suspected malicious, negligent, or high-risk user behavior and neutralize potentially adversarial insiders before they cause harm.

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