The Rising DDoS Threat

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks have been increasing in frequency and in magnitude over the past recent years. These malicious strikes have one objective, to bring your website down and render it inaccessible to users.

Beyond the loss of organisational reputation and credibility, the average cost to your business can range from USD$40,000 - $300,000 per hour as these attacks can temporarily interrupt the services that your websites provide to customers. DDoS attacks can happen anytime and anywhere and you and your organisation are vulnerable until you find the best suited DDoS Mitigation solution.

Most DDoS attacks are a result of hacktivism, revenge or business competition. Some industries and organisations are targeted more extensively. However, none are safe from these attacks as orchestrating a DDoS attack is getting easier and cheaper by the day. The average cost of a DDoS-as-a-service attack is only at USD$38 per hour and this is all it costs to bring your website down for hours or even days.

Year-on-year increase in number and size of DDoS attacks.
Average cost of a DDoS attack.
Average size of DDoS attacks. This is enough to bring any website down if left unprotected.
Rise in number of companies investing in DDoS Mitigation Solutions.

Fully Managed DDoS Mitigation Solution

Our DDoS Mitigation Service provides organisations and businesses with comprehensive protection against all forms of DDoS attacks no matter where you are.

Our intelligent multi-layered cloud defence system ensures constant availability and optimal performance of your critical web assets to prevent any form of malicious attacks from affecting the success of your organisation or business. We employ multiple scrubbing centres and point-of-presence to provide you and your organisation with maximum acceleration of your web functions.

Leading Cloud Technology

Local DDos protection is limited. Our nodes are geographically dispersed to offer our worldwide customers protection against the most aggressive of DDoS attacks as well as the ability to handle large bursts of legitimate traffic.

Always On Mitigation

Our mission is to ensure your website is available 24/7. With Always on protection and multi-site failover across our networks, we are confident of mitigating any threats to your websites while allowing legitimate traffic to flow through seamlessly.

Advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Our powerful Positive Model Web Application Firewall (also known as ‘whitelisting’) provides optimal protection as it is customized to each individual site catering to each website’s needs and requirements. This enables us to protect your websites from Zero-day, SQL, XSS attacks and other malicious attempts more effectively.

24/7/365 Expert Monitoring

Our 24/7 Security Operations Centre is staffed by experts with years of experience defending against DDoS attacks. Purpose built monitoring network completely independent of our mitigation nodes watches over the performance of your websites alerting us of any degradation in your website performance.

Multi layered DDoS Protection

The many years of experience has taught us that no single DDoS mitigation device can stop all varieties of DDoS attacks in existence today. As such, we employ multi layered cloud based mitigation technologies, and developed, implemented and real world tested a wide range of proprietary methods and techniques to stop DDoS attacks.

Real-time Statistics

Client Dashboard Portal allows you to monitor and analyse both real-time and historical statistics from individual nodes around the world. The 13 dashboard graphical statistics grants you the power to understand your website status, traffic and performance in the best way possible.

Website High Availability Monitoring

Our Monitoring System delivers certainty and assurance in ensuring that your critical websites are constantly being monitored by our security experts 24/7/365. It is made up of 8 sensors strategically located throughout the world for optimal effectiveness. It is designed to measure the performance of all our customers’ sites as viewed from these 4 locations. Read More

Cyber Readiness Platform

Controlled and Realistic Simulated DDoS attack to test the resiliency of your critical infrastructure and effectiveness of your mitigation tools Read More

Cyber Threat Intelligence

We have developed much of our data from variety of feeds or enriched feeds, which are augmented with this proprietary data. With our web crawlers and data aggregation technology along with our operative team, we leverage to source compromised data and credentials. Read More

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