Tailored Investigations

We offer tailored investigations with a team that has a specific workflow and framework to use. Investigations carried out in large organizations need the right team to ensure discrete forensics that does not interfere with employee productivity.

Full investigations allow an organization to identify intent in some cases when cybercrime involves malicious insiders, corporate espionage, intellectual property theft, and other attacks that specifically target a corporate entity.

Increase Visibility into Complex Security Challenge

Although several international organizations define frameworks and rules for digital forensics and investigations, an organization needs professionals familiar with the dark web, malware files, encryption, and common forms of attacks.

They should also be able to work with zero-day attacks and identify backdoors configured by an attacker during a persistent threat. Professional investigators can take a simple alert and identify critical components of an attack that could lead to furthermore severe data breach opportunities for a hacker.

Efficient Intelligence

Understanding our customer expectations enables us to develop an effective strategy to detect and eradicate threats related to your security environment and program.

Uncover All Evidence

When we detect a threat within a customer’s environment, we apply all that we learn to our entire customer base, enabling us to provide unparalleled management of threat detection.

Investigations Team

Investigations teams work closely with forensics and the tools needed to identify and safeguard files.

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